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Lost YouTube Videos

Some videos I don't forget about, even though I can't find them anymore. Maybe they were taken down, but YouTube's crappy search doesn't lessen the ambiguity any.

Note that when I do manage to find lost Internet things, some of the details I remembered usually turn out to be wrong.

If any of these descriptions ring a bell, feel free to contact me.

Super Mario Advance 2 Lets Play

2007-2008. Adult voice, but not deep. Mentions it's a game from his childhood? First word is "hello!" spoken over the intro with the balloon. May have unlocked every level by the end. Did not swear except in rare designated ranting videos. His channel also had a let's play of NES Dragon's Lair, and while playing that he said that he used to swear more in his earlier videos.

Metroid Zeromission Kraid Bossfight with user submitted annotations

2007-2010. The annotations fill up the whole screen once Kraid appeared.

Minecraft video of a leaking glass lava sphere

2010, less than 15 minutes. On a Minecraft server someone used commands to spawn a glass sphere then spawn lava inside it, but screwed up and the lava began pouring outside. The POV cameraman goes into buildings while lava pours down outside. "the bank is on fire"

Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine with fanmade CGI

2012-2014. The CGI was very good, with great lighting and asteroids hitting the ships in certain shots. It cut between space scenes and interior scenes from the episode, to show the CGI in context. The quality blew the official remaster out of the water, but to be fair those animators had to do every episode with a deadline, while this YouTuber only made one episode to my knowledge.

Two Russian men jump naked into icy water

2017-2019. Two Russian men (Polish? Ukrainian? Finnish? I don't know for sure) jump naked into an icy pool or lake. When they emerge one of them slaps the other's ass as they walk away from the camera. In the comments section someone posts that they had "lost respect" for him. The channel had other ice diving videos, but without the gay undertones. Had videos unrelated to ice diving too.