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Updated 5/4/23

Stimulating Web Design

Front Pages:

Black and White Lounge
B&W Lounge
Desc. Why should minimal mean boring? This layout was stolen from a 17 year old blog template (link) because it reminded me of those cool artist websites from 1999.
Desc. I made this as a joke but those color themes are sweet.
Widescreen Minimalism
Desc. So clean, so minimal. This layout was inspired by the HTML part of a 2004-2006 Flash website. Or maybe it looks more like a print newspaper. It's mobile-friendly, sort of. Why did we all decide horizontal scrolling is forbidden?

CSS Art:

Full Layouts:

Desc. What does good typography looks like? Books have been doing it for centuries, no need to reinvent the wheel. This stylesheet is compatible with my site's HTML, but I can't think of anywhere it would fit.
Line Mode
Line Mode