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Become an Affiliate

men are gathered in a smoke filled room, ready to make backroom deals to the detriment of society


Unlike most sites, our standards are fairly lenient. Your site doesn't have to be Google 2 to get affiliated, (but it helps). What's our criteria you ask?

We only require your site to meet five qualifications if you wish to affiliate with us:

  1. Your site must get a minimum of 500 unique visitors a day. If no one's visiting your site, what do we get out of affiliating with you? You must also have proof of this (ExtremeTracker, etc.) Of course, if it's blatantly obvious you already meet this requirement, you obviously don't need to show us a tracker.
  2. Your site must be related to ours in some way. Exceptions will occasionally be made, but your site better get a lot of hits.
  3. Your site must not be hosted by any free servers, however we make exceptions for websites hosted within TwitLongers.
  4. Your site must not contain content that will make Apple kick us off their platform. This includes pornographic material or supererogatory representation of sexualities that are demographically-challenged.
  5. Hahaha I'm just yanking your chain, no one affiliates anymore. SEO article spam is where it's at now.