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  1. CSS is used, which wasn't supported by any browser until Internet Explorer 3. (Though I'm not sure if it's possible to have oldschool-style tables now without css.)
  2. Ted's Usenet comment is from 1997


  1. I assumed a (dot)HTM file extension was more accurate, but it turns out Microsoft (with it's 8.3 character limitation) didn't make web server software until May 1995.
  2. The "navbar" no longer uses CSS. Is there anything tables can't do?
  3. HTML anchors are now UPPERCASE. People used to code like that for some reason.
  4. Gmail (yes hiding it counts)
  5. Removed blog-style links. The "web diary" had barely been invented in 1994, (in 1999, found only 23 web logs total), I just don't think I'm that ahead of the curve.
  6. Nav images were replaced with gifs from the iconolog. Original sources and dates unknown, but they look old enough to be from 1994.
    1. PNG was invented in 1996
    2. Removed art from a 1996 game (Art of Fighting 3)
    3. Removed Windows 95/Internet Explorer screenshot
    4. Removed Friends meme. (The picture is obviously modern, but since Friends first aired in 1994 it's concievable that my 1994 counterpart could have made a prototypical meme himself. However this is made less likely by the fact that Friends isn't funny.)
    5. Removed globe picture. (The picture came from GeoCities and was probably newer than 1994, but I didn't know for sure.)

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