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Dreamed on 7/23/21 - Posted 8/24/22

The Doorless Escape

I was in a gymnasium sized room. A crowd of perhaps 30 people was there with me. There were no exit doors in this room at all, but the ceiling was wide open to the sky. The room was flooded with knee or waist high water, various debris littered the floor.

Halfway up the walls there was a solid pole spanning from one wall to another. One side was near a crack or gap in the wall, so the pole was high enough to exit the room if you could reach it.

We all started to construct some sort of makeshift scaffolding up to the pole. As we worked zombies started to appear from somewhere and attacked us, but they were pushed away without much danger except slowing our progress.

catwalks between buildings

Finally we were able to exit the room. Outside we stood on a steel catwalk in a narrow gap between two dark red buildings, a bit like fire escape but there was no obvious path leading down. The whole thing was a maze to navigate, we passed between multiple buildings built right next to each other, connected by these catwalks. Even though we were technically outside now it was just another obstacle.

Then we made it to ground level, we were inside of a large arched hallway sparsely lit with yellow lights. All of us were now wearing brown or black robes and masks over our faces. We didn't run, but there was momentum building now, the end was in sight. We rushed through the hallway.

Why we had to wear those costumes to escape, I'll never know, because I woke up then.