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Dreamed on 7/22/20 - Posted 8/16/22

World War III

I was walking through the streets of a city in South Korea. I was looking for a bank so that I could get enough money for a plane ticket home.

On a wall mounted TV, I saw a news channel showing footage of a plane crashing. They were saying that war had broken out between the United States and China. All flights were canceled, and I was stranded in the country.

On the street there was a big crowd, long lines were forming.

I left and began walking away from all the crowds until I was in an empty street. There I met with two Korean men. After talking, we agreed to find a place to stay together.

We took an elevator to a clinic several stories up in a building, and we volunteered to have out teeth checked, which would apparently help the war effort. (And earn us money?) I figured out that they were checking for some diseases. For some reason the others didn't take this well.

Later I watched a movie on a wall-mounted TV inside the building. It was Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but it wasn't the same one you remember.

a battleship flies through the air

Instead of being set in space, the film took place on Earth. The characters were soldiers stationed on flying battleships, with battles taking place in the sky. The film had a style more like a war movie. Midway through the film, Rei, perhaps some sort of princess in this version, was mortally wounded. And she died in the ship's hospital, leaving Finn as the main lead.