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Dreamed on 7/9/21 - Posted 12/18/22

Unfriendly Wind

the wind blows our boat away from the islands

I was on a small tropical island, one of several in an archipelago. A friend and I decided it was a great idea to travel to the other island on a boat. We pushed it out to sea and started to sail. The sun was out and the skies were perfectly clear, but then as if a switch were flipped, an enormous wind picked up with a force stronger than a hurricane.

We were pushed across the ocean so hard it felt like we were on a rollercoaster. Islands we had meant to go to sped past us until we had left the archipelago behind, and we were pushed all the way into the open ocean.

Our boat floated to the end of the world. The sky and water became grey around us. Then - we simply appeared on the other side, with the same archipelago ahead of us, opposite of where it had been. Like we were sailing around a toy-sized world.