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Dreamed on 2/22/22 - Posted 10/29/22

Tiki Tower

Later that night...

a view of the tower

There was a building that moved around, currently it was in a field. It was dark wood and looked somewhat like a tiki statue, but it was several stories tall.

Whenever anyone approached the building, small rockets were fired from the building itself at them. But strangely the rockets traveled in slow-motion through the air.

At some point I had to enter the building. At the top was an wide open window, a bit like a "mouth" on the building. Climbing through it was surprisingly easy.

Inside was a round room made of the same dark wood as the outside. But when I stepped down a flight of curving stairs, I was now inside of a posh restaurant full of men and women wearing tuxedos and dresses.

More rockets flew through the air, but they were so slow I could just step out of the way or bat them aside. When the restaurant patrons saw this they began to panic and yell.

I walked through a thick curtain into a back room. There was a man who seemed to be in charge here. I explained what I was doing there, whatever that was, and this seemed to resolve everything.

Afterward I walked through a downtown area with storefronts lining the streets. It looked like New Orleans.

I saw a map of North America. The Rocky Mountains were located much further east than they should have been, between them and the Sierra Nevada there were rolling plains instead of mountains and desert.