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Dreamed on 9/2/22 - Posted 10/5/22

Space Kidnapping

In this dream I was researching a story, I don't remember if it was meant to be fiction or not. As I looked into this story the line between doing research and experiencing it for myself began to blur.

This took place some time in the future, in a part of space far away from Earth.

I saw a civilization with a powerful and draconian group of religious authorities. Opposing them were groups of terrorist organizations who staged violent attacks against the ruling powers. The culture here was non-western, perhaps Ottoman Empire or Balkans influenced. I only got a vague impression of it.

A teenager was kidnapped by the religious authorities. He was able to get away, and survived as a stowaway for 6 years before resurfacing.

one of the cargo ships above a planet

Everything looked like it could be a Ralph McQuarrie painting, with a bit of John Berkey mixed in too. I saw planets that had an oil paint look to them. Travelling between them carrying cargo were very large spaceships, the size of whole city blocks at least. They were asymmetrical, a bit mountain-like in shape.