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Dreamed on 8/19/18 - Posted 7/3/22

Flying Space Fetus

I was travelling around the galaxy, for some reason it felt immense in scale, although planets looked to be only a few meters across. Large yet up close and personal somehow. It was a little frightening.

I flew to a star, and found myself standing in a grassy field at night, like on Earth. There was a small house in the middle of the field. When I entered it, there was a man inside in his 40s, balding and dirty with a sleeveless white shirt. He seemed crazed, he had a needle with him and threatened to stab me with it. I talked him down.

Then I walked through the back door back into the field. In the night sky I saw four moons: one was the real moon, to the right, lined vertically, were three other moons. One was red, one was green, one was blue. They were moving.

The man saw it too, and ran back into the house. I ran inside too, grabbed my bag and started turning it inside out, trying to find a camera, but I couldn't find one. I was wasting too much time, I ran back outside with my phone.

The objects were much closer now, now the two at the bottom had a new shape - long and pill-like with a ridge at the middle. The one closest to the horizon gradually flew to the right and disappeared. As it did this it turned into a motion-blurred streak, even though it was flying slowly. The one in the middle flew to the right in the same way a few seconds later. The red one stayed behind.

It came even closer. I wasn't sure of how close it
was or how big it was. As it came closer, it began

to appear like a baby, or maybe like a fetus.
It slowly turned to face the house, and
something appeared in it's hands,
possibly aimed at the house.
I ran back inside, but then
I stopped at the window.
I was so mesmerized
I couldn't look away.

A red baby of fetus-like creature hovers in the sky, to the right is a green circle and a blue circle stretched out into a blur

And then

I woke up