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Dreamed on 7/10/21 - Posted 8/16/22

A Random Fair

I was at a fair, a few others were with me. There was a blue building with an entrance that would only open to guests for a short time at sunset. I was wearing a watch which showed the sun and moon on it, so I wouldn't be late.

**** didn't like the waiting and ran off. I followed him. Inside a tent or circular building there was a dark and somewhat flamboyant man being interviewed by a man and a woman, in front of an audience seated on benches in a semicircle. **** approached him. He (who?) was disgusted and chased off the stage. (My notes aren't clear, I don't understand this part.)

We ran back to the blue building with no time to spare. Inside we sat on pillows with a crowd of people.

a rabbit with a horn

One of them had a pet rabbit. I beckoned it to come over. The rabbit stood up, and I saw a long yellow horn on it's head. The rabbit then impaled another animal which was bothering it.

Then I was in a restaurant, where a waitress showed me a platter with a giant roasted dragonfly that smelled like toasted bread. She said it was a good alternative to lobster, which I've never had before.

I declined the offer.