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Dreamed on 2/1/21 - Posted 10/5/22

Ramshackle Town

I was in the backyard of a house that had 2 garages, for some reason. The one on my left was the bigger of the two. It was 3 stories tall, the size of an entire house all on it's own. It was very old and dusty, it looked like it was starting to fall apart. The right garage was narrower and sturdier. ***** ***** stood across a fence, appearing in my dream apparently just to antagonize me.

I climbed up on top of the left garage for no reason. The roof looked thin and had holes in it, I wasn't sure it could hold my weight. Looking through the holes, it didn't seem like there was anything inside.

When I came back down, ***** was furious at me. Apparently someone had fallen off a roof and gotten killed, and I was going to get blamed for it.

Instead of listening to him I ran to the right garage and climbed up on top of it. Suddenly it felt like I was being being chased, but I don't know by whom. I jumped across to the neighbors roof, and then across to their neighbor. I got a good look at the town for the first time, it was very run down and ramshackle looking. The houses weren't lined up in a straight row. And they were mostly all unpainted brown.

the edge of town

I kept running and jumping. The closer I got to the edge town the farther the houses were spaced out. At the very end of town there was a chain link fence several stories tall with lights on top. I jumped onto it. I could see that the town was in the middle of nowhere, just a vast field of green and brown shrubs all around it, and green snowless mountains that weren't too far away. There was no sign of another city or a road anywhere.

The fence contained some kind of spirit inside of it which didn't like me jumping on it. It slowly started to close it's gate. However, the fence didn't even enclose the entire town. It looked like I could simply take my take my time and walk all the way back around it if I felt like it.