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Dreamed on 6/13/21 - Posted 10/29/22

Roommates on Mars

I was in a spaceship, travelling to Phobos. The ship was black and shaped like a cone or diamond. Inside, I sat strapped to a chair with a number of other passengers. There was only one room, the pilot sat a few seats ahead of me. He didn't seem to have a window. The ship was dark except for the glowing instruments in front of him.

The moon Phobos was rotating* so that landing there was a tricky maneuver. Our pilot would have to perform a tight swing around Phobos and line up with a constantly moving target. Although he was trained for it, this was something he had never done before. He looked at his instruments intently and began to line up and match it's speed. I couldn't see anything out the small window near me, whether we were about to crash or not, I could only feel the ship as it pitched and fired off sideways thrusters. The whole thing made me nervous.

There was a shudder as ship landed safely.

We were then on Mars itself - perhaps a continuity error, or a time skip. We picked up our luggage and stepped out. It was awkward to hold everything, and I had to consider if it was worth leaving anything locked on the ship. (Apparently it wouldn't be leaving immediately and I could return later.)

Outside we were in a sort of concrete trench about 6 or 7 feet below the surface of Mars. The air was breathable. I pulled myself up until I could get a good view past the wide slats in the ceiling. I could see the orange and pinkish sandy surface of Mars, and a bluish purple night sky. A moon was visible. I tried to take pictures of the view, but struggled to get any good ones. In the distance I saw a grey vehicle driving through the sand, which resembled a large articulated bus with a curved front and back, and tiny pale yellow windows shining in the night.

trucks in the distance

Further down I could barely see over the lip of the trench, my face was almost level with the Martian surface. The landscape here was flat. In the distance I could see a highway with grey trucks traveling along it.

The inside of the house we were renting looked normal. There was a long living room with couches and a TV, on the side close to the entrance there were several small bedrooms connected to each other by doors, and then to a dining room on the far side of the house. The first bedroom was the largest, which had wood paneling on the walls and a large, cold air conditioning vent.

I had several roommates. Figuring out where everyone would sleep turned out to be a problem. I ended up in a small room next to the dining room, where light from outside shone uncomfortably through two small windows with blinds.

(*In reality Phobos is tidally locked)