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Dreamed on 7/1/22 - Posted 7/3/22


In some other world there was a witch who lived in a grey-yellow stone castle supported on huge stone pillars. Numerous people were being held captive there, who had no choice but to obey her every command. In this world there were people with the ability to transform into birds or bats and fly.

a ship is pulled over lava

There was some magic that had gone terribly wrong, and this caused the entire surface of the world to be covered in lava. The witch was ousted in the midst of this and flew away, probably making plans to return again later. The people who were able to transform and fly held boats up in the air with ropes, and they carried everyone else they could over the world's burning surface. Eventually they would get tired, but they could switch places. Their jobs were now the most important, with everyone's survival depending on them.