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Dreamed on 8/7/21 - Posted 8/16/22

Crazy Fallout World

I was in a wide open fairground, dirt on the ground and green tents pitched near me. The sun was out. I stepped into one of the tents. When I peered outside through a hole in the canvas, I was no longer on Earth.

The tent was inside a shallow stone and dirt cave. Everything I had been carrying in my hands was gone, instead I had a backpack with nothing useful inside it. It was night out.

A woman in a uniform patrolled outside the tent, cackling to herself.

I was able to stay inside the tent and return to Earth, but curiosity overcame me, I looked through the entrance flap.

Outside, I saw a second guard, and with him was a dumb man.

a view of the prison camp

The dumb man saw me, and asked me if I wanted to play with his giant. Far away on the horizon, I could see the giant. He was as tall as a skyscraper, deformed looking. He had a small red head and a gaping mouth.

I looked through the right side of the tent. The woman guard was there. She saw me, raised her gun, and started to shoot.

I sprinted out of the tent. I could clearly see where I was now - some sort of prison camp built into what looked like a mining quarry. The sky above was dark grey and cloudy. I ran past a gate and out of the prison, and heard a guard make a noise behind me. (The gate had been left wide open - it's possible the guards were able to keep everyone in check without it, but weren't counting on me appearing out of nowhere)

Outside was a vast grey and brown desert stretching all the way to the horizon. I wandered past a gas station. No one was there, but there were signs it wasn't abandoned. The technology in this world had a distinct style depending on who had built it, here it had a 1950's retro-futuristic look to it.

In this world there was a race of merchants, almost human but not quite, similar to the Ferengi from Star Trek. The technology at this gas station was meant to be operated by them.

clunky '60s controls

I continued moving and wandered into an empty command center building. Inside was a clean white room, there was a table with simple dials and instruments for operating a computer and a window overlooking another room, which was a kind of entrance or loading bay. The technology here had a clunky '60s sci-fi look. The instruments were labeled, one of them was for changing the language into that of the "Ferengi" race. The people in charge of this building interacted with other cultures and wanted things to go smoothly.

Meanwhile, the guards had caught up and entered the building behind me.